Hello Everyone!

...and welcome! I Am glad, to have you here. You are looking for a new face for your project? A verstile voice or a diversified host? Then you are right here. I am looking forward to your request? But first - have fun poking around my website. :)






 Something new is comming!

I am looking forward to my new video.. soon to come!

Stay tuned :))

Currently I am working on my voice reel with Peter Warnock.

I am looking forward to the result! - Stay tuned!


From the 11.7.22 to the 15.7.22 I was at the Actors Bootcamp at FrankSteinstudio in Barcelona. Thank you Luci Lenox and your whole team for this great workshop!


From the 12.1.22 to the 16.1.22 I was part of an I.AM Institute of acting Mallorca workshop.

I had the honor to learn from the best and work with Giles Foreman and Kate Bone!

Thank you all for this amazing experience!!!



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