"If you can dream it you can do it"

  -Walt Disney




"The choice one refuse to make is the one that will be made for you"

- William Esper




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personal information

Name:                             Tina Kümpel

Date of birth:                  6.1.1995

Nationality:                     Switzerland

Cities  i could work        Zurich, Bern, Basel, Vienna,

in :                                   Berlin, Munich,Cologne                                    

Height:                            168cm

Haircolor:                        Brown

Eye color:                        Dark brown

Manufacture:                  36 / 38 (EU)

Singing:                           Pop, Jodeling

Dance:                             Jazz

Languages:                     German, English, Italian, French

Dialects:                          Zurich- Swissgerman, Bern- Swissgerman, St.Gallen- Swissgerman,

                                        Viennese, Saxon

Driving licence:               Auto Kat. B (Switzerland)

Professional Training

2022                        I.AM Institute of Acting Mallorca, Workshop with Giles Foreman and Kate Bone

2021                          Voice Acting coaching with peter warnock

2021                          21 day self- tape challenge

2020                         Casting workshop, luci lenox

2020                         English vocal coaching, stevie rickard

2020                         I.AM. Institute of Acting Mallorca, workshop with Kate Bone, Nathalie Cheron, Luci Lenox, Iris Baumüller

2019:                         Actors Space Berlin

2015-2018:                  Drama School Krauss, Vienna (professional diploma)

2017:                          Camera acting, Michaela Rosen, Vienna

Download the complete CV:

CV Tina Kümpel
TINA KÜMPEL_CV english.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.3 MB