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I am Tina. I am born and raised in Switerland.

I love big cities and the quietness in the alps.

It is all about the variety!

I was a professional badminton player. Today I am a coach for juniors and wheelchair players. Even if it is a challenging job I really like it to pass on my knowlege about the sport.

I still love doing sports. I play golf, and go to the gym. As a compensation to the sport I do yodel. I fell in love with this voal art. And I love doing something that close to nature.

 If I have a spare minute, I love painting. Abstract art on canvas or cartoon drawings - I just love being creative!

There is a lot more to tell. But let`s meet and talk about our next project! :)

Happy to see you soon!







"If you can dream it you can do it"

  -Walt Disney



"The choice one refuse to make is the one that will be made for you"

- William Esper


Acting Plattforms

Tina Kümpel on CASTFORWARD

Tina Kümpel on castupload

Tina Kümpel on Spotlight


Professional Training

2022                         Bootcamp for Actors, FrankSteinstudio Barcelona, amongst others with Luci Lenox, Mike Carter

2022                         Training bei Giles Foreman und Barbara Fischer

2022                         I.AM Institute of Acting Mallorca Training with Charlotte Siebenrock, Victor Jenkins, Liza Stutzky


2022                         I.AM Institute of Acting Mallorca, Workshop with Giles Foreman and Kate Bone

2021-2022                Voice Acting coaching with Peter Warnock

2021                          21 day self- tape challenge

2020                         Casting workshop, luci lenox

2020                         English vocal coaching, stevie rickard

2020                         I.AM. Institute of Acting Mallorca, workshop with Kate Bone, Nathalie Cheron, Luci Lenox, Iris Baumüller

2019:                         Actors Space Berlin

2015-2018:                Drama School Krauss, Vienna (professional diploma)

2017:                          Camera acting, Michaela Rosen, Vienna


Personal Information

Name:                             Tina Kümpel

Year of birth:                  1995

Nationality:                     Switzerland

Cities  i could work        Zurich, Bern, Basel, Vienna,

in :                                   Berlin, Munich,Cologne                                    

Height:                            168cm

Haircolor:                        Brown

Eye color:                        Dark brown

Manufacture:                  36 / 38 (EU)

Singing:                           Pop, Jodeling

Dance:                             Jazz

Languages:                     German, English, Italian, French

Dialects:                          Zurich- Swissgerman, Bern- Swissgerman, St.Gallen- Swissgerman,

                                        Viennese, Saxon

Driving licence:               Auto Kat. B (Switzerland)


Download the complete CV:

CV Tina Kümpel
TINA KÜMPEL_CV english.pdf
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